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It's so easy to find us


Via A3 (Porto-Valença)

  1. It makes no difference coming on the A3 from the North of Spain or from the South (Porto, Airport), you have to take the exit 10: Anais/Vila Verde!
  2. Via the two exits you will come to the National Road N201. At the  crossing you drive to the right (direction Braga).
  3. After ca. 1 km you come to a small roundabout: straight ahead you come to Braga, on the left to Vila Verde, on the right to Viana do Castelo. Take the road to Viana do Castelo.
  4. This road crosses the highway below the same and passes through several small villages until it reaches Sao Julião do Freixo.
  5. Drive through Sao Julião do Freixo in direction of Viana do Castelo.
  6. Ca. 500 metre after leaving Sao Julião do Freixo you reach a small crossing. Now drive to the left to Ardegao.
  7. Another 1 km and you will see our Quinta de Vermil on the left.

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